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Looking for a reliable portal to send bulk text messages??? BananaSMS has a proven delivery infrastructure, high messaging through-put and strong wireless carrier relationships which makes certain that your text messages reach your customers' mobile phones.

Did you know that since 2012 BananaSMS has sent over Five Million bulk SMS messages? These volumes allow BananaSMS to not only offer flexible pricing but the knowledge and expertise needed to handle any size messaging needs.

Direct Tier 1 Connection

BananaSMS offers a direct connection to one of the nations largest tier 1 SMS aggregators for our Resellers. This means there are no un-needed middlemen between you and the wireless carriers when sending your messages.

Message Per Second

Not every bulk SMS provider is created equally, especially when it comes to the messages per second (MPS) that each provider is able to offer to their high volume senders. BananaSMS offers SMS bulk messaging speeds of up to 1,000 messages per second, making even the largest sending needs no sweat for our SMS platform.